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His prayers were answered as three lines went off with solid tuna on the hooks.

“That was a first for me and the first ahi for them,” Kenny told me later.

Bobby Brown caught the 1,376-pound blue topping the International Gamefish Association’s world record list.

A second and third stepped in until the fish was in hand after an hour and a half. Jeff Rogers has learned how to turn Gatorade bottles into blue marlin battles. Kenny Fogarty, Makana Lani Nov 22: Mahimahi (15) Jacob, Capt.

If no grander turns up in December, this will be the first year with no grander since 1997.

Kona went without a grander in 1996, too, but those two zero years followed a string of grander years dating back to 1982 when Capt.

What’s a holiday celebration without a huge plate of superbly sliced sashimi served with your favorite pungent dipping sauce? Kenny Fogarty had sashimi in mind as he headed his boat Makana Lani out with Andy and David Hamm aboard to pull in fish. He was content to boat a few of the bigger skipjack tuna splashing the surface enticingly on the Grounds west of Keahole Point.

After Andy and David did their duty with four aku, Kenny spotted the fast-moving signs of a traveling school of ahi.

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