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Non-majors taking Physics (Physics with another subject) must take all the FIVE Core units. Non majors taking Mathematics are advised to choose units from courses: SMA 301, SMA303, SMA 308, SMA 322, SMA 323, SMA 326, SMA 341, and SMA 373. I did, and eventually, the feelings of intimacy return. On my first week back in the office, it took my longer to write a three line email than it took me to write this entire blog post, but I focused on doing what I could.

It took about 6 months for me to move from ‘crisis’ (20% of normal) to operational (maybe 60%) It took another year to get from 60% to 80% of ‘normal’. Don’t miss this: Swallow your pride and tell someone safe that you have a problem. Some days I just said to myself “don’t do anything stupid today.” And if I didn’t, that was progress. I included a full chapter about personal health and team health in my new book, Lasting Impact. In addition, listen in on my interview with Perry Noble, Lead Pastor of New Spring Church who burned out while leading a church that reaches tens of thousands of people.

Majors in Physics must take all the FIVE Core Units plus a minimum of FIVE units from the Electives according to area of specializations (see Table below). Boundary value problems; Partial differential equations (PDE): Boundary conditions and separation of variables; Methods of characteristics; Legendre Polynomial; Bessel functions and equations; Tensor analysis; Introduction to group theory; Integral transforms; Variational Calculus; Orthogonal functions and orthonormal functions; Fourier series and Fourier integral; Laplace integral. Microcomputer buses and protocols: USB; PCI; CAN; I2C. Interfaces: Memory; I/O (parallel and serial); Polled I/O; Interrupt I/O.

Anybody wishing to register for more than five elective units must seek approval from the Chairman of Department. Deformation, Fracture and oxidation, Introduction to x-ray crystallography and spectroscopy. Utility software: Device drivers; Boot loaders; Flash loaders; Coordination and coordination modules; Communication and communication modules; Operating systems; Real time operating systems. Power transistors; Thyristors; Frequency rectifiers; DC-to-DC converters, DC-to-AC converters; Power Supplies; Regulators; Power transmission; Principles of control; Motors and motor drivers; High voltage pulsed circuits; Introduction to Manufacturing and Process industries; Integrated industrial control systems:- warehousing and storage systems; Assembly line control; Packaging systems; Automation principles and practice Thermodynamics Description .

Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 was created to help teens learn, often for the first time, how to make wise choices about relationships, dating, partners, sex, and more.

The program takes an innovative approach to these topics by integrating relationship skills with powerful learning strategies: : the impact of “constant connection”, sexting realities and risks, personal polices on using social media.

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