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However, this feature has yet to be available to the TSQL language inside the SQL Server Management Studio.I am happy to say that SQL Server 2008 finally includes TSQL Intelli Sense, which provides a listing of available objects to use in SELECT statements, DML statements, and stored procedure calls, along with numerous other operations.

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March 14: Microsoft makes Teams generally available.

This may sound simple but the solution code is not. By the way, I haven’t tried this code on multiple screen instances, since most of my screen are set to single instant only.

To close a screen from another screen you need to write three lines of code including one dispatcher. Furthermore you can also use the dispatcher to refresh the choosen screen.

"To make SQL Server support multiple platforms, the engineering task is essentially to remove or abstract away its dependencies on Windows," they wrote.

"As you can imagine, after decades of development against a single operating system, there are plenty of OS-specific dependencies across the code base. There are tens of millions of lines of code in SQL Server." The current test version of SQL Server on Linux supports a fairly representative handful of platforms: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server, Ubuntu and Docker Engine.

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