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Until now, little has been known about Grigorieva, who first surfaced in connection with the 54-year-old Gibson when photos were published last year, showing them embracing on a beach in Costa Rica.

A month later, after it was revealed that Grigorieva was pregnant, Gibson's wife of 28 years, Robyn, filed for divorce.

3 Grigorieva also insists she didn’t release the explosive alleged taped conversations with Gibson or the photo of herself with broken teeth.

“I didn’t release anything and I’m not happy with the lies being spread,” she says.

But until now, some former acquaintances of the Ukrainian beauty would never describe her as a victim.

Alan Bergman, a former ballet dancer and businessman, whom Grigorieva lived with for two years in London in the mid-1990s, has flat-out called her "an opportunist" for ditching him for James Bond star Timothy Dalton, after meeting him at a party.

(According to a source with knowledge of Icon Records sales, fewer than 200 copies of Beautiful Heartache have sold.)Grigorieva's claims against Gibson are serious.

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She has a career in music, but her first album, Beautiful Heartache, which was released on Gibson's Icon Records label last year, has sold so poorly that it doesn't register on Nielsen Sound Scan, which only collects data for albums that sell more than 1,000 copies.In an old photo in her native Saransk, an industrial town in Ukraine, Oksana Grigorieva covers her eyes and smiles as she teeters awkwardly in a Bettie Page-style bikini and heels.But shying away from the spotlight is hardly how friends, acquaintances, and ex-boyfriends have described the 40-year-old pop star with the cascading hair, Angelina Jolie lips, and hammer-and-sickle ankle tattoo, who is currently in an ugly blow-up with Mel Gibson—the father of her 8-month-old daughter, Lucia, and, until last month, her romantic partner of three years.At 20, Grigorieva received a visa to work for Elisabeth Hoodless of the Community Service Volunteers, in the U. While in Shoreham, she began dating Matthew Simmons, the son of a vicar, who introduced her to the finer things in life, taking her on trips to London where "she loved looking at designer clothes shops," Simmons, who said he called her "Sana," told the Daily Mail."When she first arrived, her dress was very Russian, but by the time she left, she was wearing fashionable jeans and tops."Next was, in 1992, a short-lived marriage to Nicholas Rowland, a graphic designer, followed by a stint at the Royal College of Music, where she met the much older Bergman, who brought her to the film premiere party where she met Dalton.

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